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Find Proteins From Milk

Let’s talk labels. Your favorite products might already be getting protein content from proteins from milk.

Proteins From Milk Provide The Strong Inside All Kinds of Products

With so many products using proteins from milk to boost their protein levels and nutrition profiles, it’s easier than ever to incorporate these powerful proteins into your day-to-day diet.


Many protein bars and granola bars already utilize complete proteins from milk, but knowing which type of proteins from milk you’re consuming can be just as important as how many grams. Grabbing a protein bar for after your workout? Make sure it’s got muscle-building whey. Opting for a meal-replacement bar instead of a sit-down breakfast? Look for hunger-fighting casein.

Drinks, Smoothies & Shakes

If you’re tired of the jittery highs and sluggish crashes that come with sugary sports drinks, quench your thirst with milk-protein-enriched drinks that contain whey, casein, or milk protein concentrates instead. By satiating your hunger with proteins from milk, you’ll be able to stay energized between meals.

Powders & Supplements

Looking to add an extra boost of protein to your existing diet? Mixing whey, casein, milk protein isolate and concentrate powders into your favorite foods and beverages, like waffles, oatmeal, coffee, and tea, can help you meet your protein goals without changing a thing.

Protein-Fortified Snacks

Increasingly, proteins from milk are being incorporated into between-meal baked snacks, like cookies, chips and crackers. Look for whey on the ingredient list of your on-the-go goodies for a snack that can satiate your hunger in fewer bites!

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