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How to Choose the Most Beneficial Protein

Protein isn’t just a numbers game. Our bodies need high-quality protein with the right combination of nutrients to help us thrive.

Do You Know Where to Find the Best Source of Protein?

There are 20 amino acids your body requires to be strong inside. Nine of them cannot be made by the human body and need to be absorbed by your body through your diet. These are called essential amino acids. While a few of them can be found in different combinations in many foods, only a handful of foods are considered a natural source of all nine essential amino acids. These foods are classified as complete proteins.


Milk, meat, fish, soy, and quinoa not only contain high levels of protein, they are also complete proteins, meaning they are a natural source of the nine amino acids considered essential for vital bodily functions, like nutrient absorption, tissue repair, and protein synthesis.



Grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds are natural sources of protein, but none contain all nine essential amino acids. They are therefore considered incomplete proteins.

Proteins from Milk Are a Good Choice.

Proteins from milk are a uniquely effective protein for the human body for all kinds of reasons. They keep you strong and feeling full, aid in weight loss, improve muscle tone and composition, and enhance your workout and recovery.

Based on DIAAS

Compared to Plant proteins, proteins from milk are:

More Complete

Higher Quality

Less Processed

What to Look for

Keep an eye out for products with whey, casein, or milk protein concentrates on the ingredients list.

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